Tamara Banfić

Our marketing specialist, Tamara Banfić, attended 6th conference about medical tourism development which was held from February 12th till February 14th. This year, the conference was held in Athens under the professional leadership of Euroevents organisation. The conference was attended by the participants from all over the world and the fact that there were seven representatives from Croatia tells a lot about the vision of medical tourism development in the state itself.

Topics at the conference were about quality management systems, digitalization, B2B connecting, additional offer for patients during recovery, marketing etc. There was a lot of talk about individual and sincere approach to the patient and about the “patient’s journey” from the service request to returning home after recovery. The conclusion of the conference is that the concept of medical tourism still works better on paper, and that we still have a lot of space for development. Quality of service and recommendation of the satisfied patient continue to play the greatest role in the development od medical tourism.

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