What to expect from an aesthetic procedure

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, you will find the necessary information about procedures on our website. In which cases can they help, how are they performed, and what results can you expect. But we can't answer all your questions. Many depend on the patient himself and the surgeon who will perform the cosmetic surgery. Therefore, about everything that remains incomprehensible or unclear to you - call and arrange a consultation with our surgeon. You will also find what you need to know before the operation, preparations required for each procedure, types of anesthesia, procedure techniques, the immediate postoperative course, and instructions for behavior in the postoperative period.

With his knowledge and skill, a cosmetic surgeon wants to make you happier, more prosperous, and more satisfied with your physical appearance. The more physically attractive a person is, the one who fits the social stereotype is more appreciated and has a more open path to success.
The penchant for attractiveness begins as early as kindergarten and remains strongly expressed throughout life. Youth, slenderness, and proper forms are generally accepted and imposed by all media. Because of the positive values at the expense of appearance, attractive people have a more positive image of themselves and become more confident in their presentation. The notion of physical appearance originates in childhood and continues during maturation. Today, the schedule and rhythm of life can strongly influence the physical appearance. Some aspects of physical appearance include sexual, emotional, and social-symbolic acceptance of others. The decision to change the appearance is very delicate, and each patient should think carefully about their expectations. Want to enhance your look or achieve perfection from the photograph? For example, the client may like the nose's shape in the photo, which would have a completely different effect on his face than expected. Before the operation, the surgeon should realistically assess the patient and his expectations, and point out the realistic expectations after the procedure. Through the conversation between the patient and the doctor, expectations are reduced to realistic and possible complications during and after the procedure are explained. In the discussion, it is crucial to go through what the surgeon expects from the patient during recovery, and changes that would be good to introduce as life habits to maintain the acquired appearance. If a sizeable physical anomaly represents a tremendous psychological burden for the patient, the patient experiences a rebirth after the operation, which significantly affects his self-confidence. In its most positive sense, cosmetic surgery offers patients the opportunity to rediscover the positive aspects of physical appearance and put their appearance back on the scale of attractiveness. At the Arcadia polyclinic, a team of experienced experts is waiting for you, led by our renowned Dr. Bojan Ignatovski, who has more than three decades of cosmetic surgery experience behind him.