Femor region lift (femoroplasty) is a procedure in which you remove skin surplus from the inner side of an upper leg. It is possible to combine it with other procedures- most frequently with liposuction and/or buttocks lift.


This procedure greatly helps those persons who have lost a significant proportion of their body weight and due to that have skin surplus which despite their diet and physical exercises does not retreat. Skin surplus with tone loss is a part of ageing process and because of that, persons who want to visually rejuvenate their bodies opt for this procedure.

Conversation and consultations with a surgeon, examination and analysis of the region which is going to be submitted to the surgery, together with an insight into your health condition are the basis of the preparations for the procedure. The course of the procedure shall be explained and the insight into the expected result together with all the necessary annotations regarding postoperative period will be given.


Standard blood and urine tests: complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, coagulogram, blood glucose levels, urea and creatinine concentration, complete urine tests and to record electrocardiogram (ECG). All these examinations can be done in Polyclinic Arcadia.


Admission to Polyclinic for aesthetic and plastic surgery Arcadia is appointed by phone in advance. Admission is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure. After situating you into your room, taking anamnestic data, marking the places for surgical incisions and explaining all additional questions once again, are to follow.


Femoroplasty is most frequently performed under the general anaesthesia, but in agreement with a patient it can be performed under the regional anaesthesia, too.


The procedure of lifting and reduction thigh skin is performed in a way that a scar is as less visible as possible. The incision is located on the inner side of the thigh, from the groin crease on the back side towards the gluteus crease, so that it remains hidden inside the skin creases.


Immediate postoperative care lasts up to 24 hours after the surgery. After the operation, like with the other surgical procedures, hematomas and swellings of the surgically treated area can appear. To lessen these symptoms and to minimize the scar, it is necessary to wear compression jersey or bandage continuously for three weeks after the surgery and three more weeks only during night.


Surgery results are visible immediately; skin surplus that was present is removed now and with healing of the tissue and disappearance of hematomas, visual impression is getting better and better. It takes three more months to see the final result.

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