Upper arm skin lift (brachioplasty) is not that common procedure in plastic and aesthetic surgery, but it is ideal and actually the only procedure where you can remove skin surplus in the upper arm area.


Skin surplus in the are of upper arm usually appears with persons who have had a significant weight loss and due to that have remaining skin surplus in particular areas which in this case an upper arm area. Skin surplus also appears with ageing due to the loss of tone and kin elasticity. If necessary, it is possible to combine liposuction of an upper arm area together with lifting.


Preparation for the brachioplasty at first requires detailed consultations with a surgeon during which you present him your expectations and our plastic surgeon will explain what your available options are.

During preparation for the procedure it is necessary to inform the doctor about your health condition or possible use of medicines.

It will be necessary to do standard blood and urine tests: complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, coagulogram, blood glucose levels, urea and creatinine concentration, complete urine tests and to record electrocardiogram (ECG). All these examinations can be done in Polyclinic Arcadia.


Admission to polyclinic is appointed by phone in advance. Admission is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure. After situating you into your room, taking anamnestic data, marking the places for surgical incisions and explaining all additional questions once again, are to follow.


Upper arms skin lift most frequently is performed under the general anaesthesia, but with less extensive surgeries regional anaesthesia is possible too.


At upper arm skin lift, the surgical incision is located along inner side of the upper arm, most frequently from an armpit to the elbow and with time it becomes minimally visible, but it is impossible to avoid it completely. With more extensive weight loss, it is possible that skin surplus appears in the areas of armpit and sub-partitioned part of the thorax due to which is necessary to expand the surgery to that areas too.


After the surgery, we put you in a room where you stay for a few more hours. If postoperative course is regular, we let you out of the polyclinic for your home care and together with your discharge summary you get detailed instructions. Your upper arms will be in compressive bandages constantly for two weeks and one more week only during night.


Hematomas along the upper arm as well as swellings of the operated area are possible in the beginning, but most of these occurrences disappears after 10-14 days. For the final result, you need to wait for 2-3 months.

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