During pregnancy, you were carrying your baby and during that time you saw a wonderful transformation of your body, until your baby came into the world. Unfortunately, pregnancy and breast-feeding leave unwanted consequences regarding the appearance of your body after the childbirth. Many women cannot get rid of them not even with diet or painstaking exercising. Motherhood brings immense happiness, but for complete happiness, it is important not to neglect your appearance and your body, not your femininity.

Makeover for mothers represents a set of aesthetic interventions for women who want a combination of multiple cosmetic procedures to bring back the figure they had before they became mothers. Fortunately, there are aesthetic procedures which can bring you back the appearance that you had before the pregnancy and can help you to feel happy and content in your body.

Makeover for mothers usually includes a combination of aesthetic interventions on breast, stomach, waist, legs and intimate area of your body. Necessity for breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction, then abdominoplasty or liposuction, or even maybe transferring adipose tissue into the breast, buttocks or other wanted areas, or vaginoplasty and/or labiaplasty, are chosen individually.

Breast shaping

If your breasts have lost some of their volume, or if they are lowered more than you would have wanted, augmentation and breast lift are the right choice for you. Depending on the consequences of pregnancy and breast-feeding, and your wishes, the size and shape of your breasts can be restored. Sometimes it is possible to lift and enlarge breasts with implants and sometimes surgical breast lift have to be combined with increasing the volume with implants. In case that after a childbirth breasts remained too large and lowered, they should be surgically reduced and lifted.


If you have surplus skin and adipose tissue on your stomach after the pregnancy, it is necessary to perform abdominoplasty. It is a method where surplus skin is removed together with stretch marks and adipose tissue; stretched stomach muscles are tightened; pubic region is lifted and the waist is completely narrowed. After this surgery, you will have a flat stomach without the feeling of looseness.


During pregnancy, it comes to increased accumulation of adipose tissue on almost all body parts, which is common and normal for pregnancy, but sometimes it is very difficult to restore the previous appearance. Liposuction is a method by which fat deposits from all body parts are removed, and adipose tissue will never return and accumulate in those places.

Transfer of adipose tissue is well-combined with liposuction, in order that adipose tissue which was taken out can be applied into the body parts which have lost its volume, such as breast or buttocks.

Intimate aesthetic surgery

Labiaplasty is a surgical correction of labia minora, where you reduce or reshape it. This surgery achieves previous appearance and function and improves the appearance of external genitalia and eliminates discomfort during an intercourse.

The entrance of the vagina after delivery can remain permanently enlarged and loosened and it can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse. Such condition is solved with vaginoplasty, or popularly called vaginal rejuvenation. With this surgery, vagina is narrowed and loosened muscles regain their strength and control which contributes to achieving greater sexual pleasure.

In Polyclinic Arcadia, we prepared packages for mothers at very reasonable prices.

Since we approach each patient individually, we will agree on what you want and what is best for you, so a combination of all above mentioned surgeries is possible according to your wishes and needs.

If the package includes 2 operations of your choice, you get a 50% discount to the second operation.

If you opt for 3 operations, you pay for the first and second, while the third one is completely free of charges.

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