Neck area is a body part that is highly exposed and where signs of ageing are first visible. Surplus skin appears due to gravity force, skin elasticity loss and muscles becoming loosen (platysma) and very often after weight loss.


The Best candidates for the procedure are the persons who feel dissatisfied with surplus skin on their necks. Age limit for performing neck skin tightening is rather individual and usually is not performed before the age of 40. Whether you are a good candidate for the neck lifting and whether this procedure should be combined with other surgeries for achieving optimal results, you are going to find out during your consultation examination while visiting our surgeon.


For the neck lifting it is necessary that you get done the following examinations: complete blood count, coagulogram, urea and creatinine concentration and to record electrocardiogram (ECG). If necessary, you should get the internist’s check, too. All these examinations can be done in Polyclinic Arcadia.


Admission to Polyclinic Arcadia is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure if it suits you better. Before the surgery, your surgeon is going to examine you once again and he will go through the surgery details together with you.


Neck lifting can be performed under the local anaesthesia, but sometimes it is performed under the general anaesthesia, especially when it is combined with face lifting.


Neck lifting is a procedure that is closely related to face lifting, but it is less extensive and due to that the recovery period is shorter. It includes surplus skin removal together with tightening of a loosen muscle – platysma. Sections are placed behind the ear and towards the neck, following the hair line, so that, over time, scars become invisible.


If there was only neck lifting, without face lifting, the recovery is easier and faster. Elastic bandage is placed right after the surgery completion. Bandages are taken off the next day and if it is necessary, hair can be washed. After that, an elastic mask is placed on the face and it should be worn continuously for one week and one extra week during night only. According to the instructions that you are going to get from our doctor, it is necessary to massage the surgically treated area.


Results are visible immediately after the neck lifting, but hematomas and swellings can be present for the next 7 to 10 days. By following given instructions, final result is visible two months later.

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