Skin is the largest human organ and it is exposed to intensive external influences and is prone to many changes during lifetime. Tumour skin changes can be benign, such as haemangioma or dermatofibroma, or malignant which include basocellular cancer, planocellular cancer and the most malignant skin tumour- melanoma.

Examination of such skin changes requires dermatoscopy- painless diagnostic examination with device (dermatoscope) which enlarges visual field and with application of special type of light gives the clearer view of skin changes that are being analysed.

Most frequently moles are submitted to dermatoscopy. Moles are pigmented skin changes some of which we have from birth, whereas most of them appears during the period of growing up. They themselves are benign in nature, but at some point, mole cells can malignantly change. Changes such as rough edges, colour change, diameter growth, appearance of ascension or subjective feeling of pain, discomfort or itching all require dermatologist’s examination and dermatoscopy.

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