Augmentation and shaping of lower legs are necessary in cases where lower legs lack muscle volume that occurred due to a disease, injury or for aesthetic reasons. We can reshape lower legs and increase their volume with specially designed silicone lower leg implants, or with transferring person’s own adipose tissue.


Candidates for the procedure are persons of both genders, of any age with a justified indication for this surgery. It is important to choose the right method for lower legs correction so that the procedure can give satisfying results.

Decreased muscle volume of lower legs which occurred due to a disease or trauma, or thin lower legs that are aesthetically unacceptable and which are not balanced with other body proportions, are the reason for lower legs augmentation.


During first examination and consultations, a plastic surgeon will listen carefully to your wishes and recommend the possible solution for you. During surgery planning, surgical method is being determined and if you opt for lower leg implants, detailed measuring of lower legs is done in order to determine shape and size of the implants.


For an aesthetically-reconstructive procedure of augmentation and shaping lower legs it is necessary to do standard blood and urine tests: complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, coagulogram, blood glucose levels, urea and creatinine concentration, to record electrocardiogram (ECG). All these examinations can be done in Polyclinic Arcadia on the day of surgery.


Admission to polyclinic is appointed in advance and it is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure if it suits you better. After situating you into your room, taking anamnestic data, conversation and agreement with your surgeon regarding all the surgery details, planning and marking the places for surgical incisions and examination by a specialist anaesthetist, are to follow.


Placing lower leg implants or transferring adipose tissue to lower legs is most frequently performed under general anaesthesia, but it can be performed under regional anaesthesia depending on the extensiveness of the procedure.


After induction of anaesthesia, the patient is placed in a perilous position which is followed by surgical washing and disinfection of the operating field.


Surgical incisions for lower legs augmentation with silicone implants are placed on the back side of at the bend of the knee so that later are hardly noticeable. After forming the place, the implants are placed in the adequate position. The incision is being closed and compression bandage is being placed on the lower legs. Each implant has its unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer, which means that you are going to get a certificate for the implants after the surgery.


With transferring adipose tissue to lower legs, first complete hydro-liposuction s done in order to acquire quality adipose tissue in required amount. After the processing and preparation of adipose tissue, it is injected through special canals into the previously marked area in order to increase volume of a desired region and to emphasize lower legs’ contours. Both liposuction and adipose tissue transfer are performed through 0,5 mm long incisions, so that scars with time become invisible.


After augmentation of lower legs, you stay up to 24 hours in Polyclinic Arcadia. If you feel well, you can go home the same day. Before your departure, you are going to receive written instructions for your behavior during postoperative period. During your recovery period it is recommended to take leisurely strolls and keep your legs in elevated position. It is extremely important that for 2 weeks after the surgery there is no compression on your lower legs and that means your implants or transplanted adipose tissue. For 2 more months after the surgery, you should avoid demanding physical efforts and playing sports actively. If the aesthetic operation of lower legs augmentation and shaping is performed by an experienced team, complications are rare and negligible, but are still possible so it is very important to follow all the instructions that you are going to get after the surgery.


Your new appearance is visible immediately after the surgery, but it takes between 6 to 8 weeks to see a final result. The aim of this procedure is to achieve symmetrical proportions, especially of lower part of the body, as well as desired appearance of legs through an augmentation and shaping of lower legs.

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