Liposuction, a very common procedure with women, becomes a more common surgery with men too. Why is that so? Are there any differences?

Both men and women have the same aim and that is feeling content with own personal appearance, but there are some differences too. While women have the most stubborn deposits around their hips, on the inner side of their upper legs, around knees and in lower abdominal area, men have it in their central abdominal and breast areas.
Many methods for removal of subcutaneous adipose tissue are available such as changing eating habits and physical activity, so why then liposuction? It is common to hear that men used to have a better muscle definition and more muscle mass, but then physical work was far more prevalent in everyday life. Nowadays challenges lead to situations where not many men can ensure themselves as much exercise as they would have wanted to, or enough exercise to get rid of the obstinate subcutaneous adipose tissue. In cases of accumulated adipose tissue in male breast area, it is almost impossible to achieve it with some exercises. That is why liposuction today is becoming increasingly common method which together with eating habits and lifestyle changes, acts as a back-up method in achieving personal satisfaction. At the same time, with liposuction subcutaneous adipose tissue cells of the treated area are being destroyed and removed and it is more difficult for adipose tissue to re-appear and accumulate in the same place again.

Before the decision about liposuction, an examination by a plastic surgeon during which client’s wishes and available possibilities are adjusted, is necessary. Recovery depends on the size of region submitted to liposuction, but it usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks.

Više o pripremama, samoj operaciji i oporavku od iste pročitajte u našem tekstu: "Liposukcija".

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