Extremely exposed double chin, due to accumulation of adipose tissue or excessive amount of skin, is a very common aesthetic problem both with women and men.

Accumulation of adipose tissue can appear due to overweightness in general, or as a hereditary factor. Excessive amount of skin can appear after losing weight or during time due to skin elasticity loss.


Candidates for this procedure are persons of any age who feel dissatisfied with their double chin look and who want to achieve fresher and rejuvenated appearance. During a conversation with our plastic surgeon, you are going to be recommended the best possible procedure for yourself and you are going to be informed which result to expect.


Before the double chin correction, it is sufficient to get done standard blood examinations with erythrocyte sedimentation rate, coagulogram, urea and creatinine concentration, blood glucose levels and to record electrocardiogram (ECG). All these examinations can be done in our polyclinic too.


Admission to Polyclinic Arcadia is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure if it suits you better. After situating you into your room, medical analysis, taking anamnestic data and final agreement are about to follow.


Double chin correction is usually performed under the local anaesthesia, but if necessary it can be performed under the general anaesthesia according to prior agreement with the patients.


Adipose tissue accumulation problem is solved by the lipoaspiration of double chin. The procedure is performed under the locally induced anaesthesia. After the infiltration of a local anaesthetic, adipose tissue is aspirated with a special probe. Surgery finishes with putting elastic bandages.

Excessive amount of skin on the neck is solved by so called Z-plasty which includes stitching spaced platysma muscles and excessive amount of skin removal. This method requires experience, but to an educated surgeon it gives the highest number of possibilities for achieving a desired result.

If there is a necessity, a liposuction of double chin and Z-plasty can be combined in order to follow the rule that liposuction has to be done first and three months later, if there is still an excessive amount skin, Z-plasty can be performed.


Due to the fact that the surgery in most cases is performed under the local anaesthesia, two hours after the surgery completion, you are allowed to leave the polyclinic. Immediately, after the surgery, elastic bandage is placed. You are required to wear it continuously for one week and one more week only during night. Hematomas and swellings normally do appear, as well as after any surgery, but they disappear within ten days.


Between a week and ten days after the surgery, you can return to your daily routines taking into consideration that you should avoid heavy physical strain for at least one month after the undertaken procedure. It will take two to three months to see the final result and during that period it is important to follow the instructions recommended by a surgeon.

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