Drooping breast appear during lifetime as a consequence of a skin elasticity loss that occurs with age. Breast feeding, weight loss and stress can speed up the process. It all leads to irregular nipple position and drooping breast which require corrections regarding changes of breast shape, nipple position and skin reduction.


Women opt for breast lift in order to improve their aesthetic appearance and correct drooping position of their breast. The best candidates for breast lift are women whose breast are of satisfactory size but their skin has lost elasticity and due to that with this procedure only breast skin reduction is done, without glandular tissue reduction.

Firmer and fuller breast are achieved with an aesthetic surgery of female breast lift. Surgery can be performed at any adult age.

Consultant examination precedes the procedure. Examinations and an ultrasound scan are used to free a patient of any doubts regarding breast illnesses and also to warn them of scars that remain after the surgery. Being subjected to a careful examination, the patient is introduced with other possibilities that could improve her breast appearance. If the breasts are not of a satisfactory size, during the breast lift surgery, implants that give fuller and larger breasts can be inserted.


Standard blood and urine tests are required: complete blood count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, coagulogram, blood glucose levels, urea and creatinine concentration, complete urine tests and to record electrocardiogram (ECG). Sometimes it is necessary to provide some additional examination results like breast ultrasound or mammography. All these examinations, except mammography, can be done in Polyclinic Arcadia.


Admission to Polyclinic Arcadia is appointed by phone in advance. Admission is possible during the morning hours on the day of surgery, or the evening before the procedure. After situating you into your room, taking anamnestic data, examinations, marking places for surgical incisions and preparation for the procedure are to follow.


Brest lift is most frequently performed under general anaesthesia. Surgery can be performed under regional anaesthesia too, although it happens rarely and in some specific situations.


When the technique is concerned, mastopexy is very similar to female breast reduction technique. Breast incisions are placed around areola, vertically towards the striation of the breast and inside the striation itself. Conventional technique leaves breast with scars in a form of reversed letter T. There are more modifications regarding incision performance and they depend on the technique which is used during the surgery. Surgical cuts are carefully closed and compressive bandage is placed. With all these techniques, the attention is drawn to shortening cuts and making breasts more equal after the surgery.


Immediate postoperative care lasts up to 24 hours, and during that time professional medical care is conducted. The following day sterile dressings on the breast are changed, a compressive bra is applied which facilitates the movements. Compressive bra should be worn continuously up to two months after the surgery. The patient is going to get written instructions about postoperative care of breast on her departure for home care.


Results are visible immediately after the surgery, but it takes about 6 months for the breast to get their final shape and look. Regular care and application of received advice regarding postoperative care are an important part of the success and contribute to the final appearance of the breast.

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