Acne is the problem with which a large proportion of population meets nowadays. It most frequently appears during the puberty, but also during the adulthood, especially with women and it mainly affects regions such as face and upper torso. Causes of its occurrence are numerous (congenital tendencies, diet, cosmetics, hormonal changes…) and due to that its treatment is very complex and requires patience. After the examination, a dermatologist will direct you to possible additional processing and recommend you a treatment plan according to your condition. In acne treatment in addition to local preparations, systemic preparations are also used, with necessary in-depth medical cleaning of the affected skin regions. It the acne has resulted in scars, for its solving medical chemical peeling and dermabrasion are used. After treatment completion, regular controls with therapy are necessary most commonly once a month or once in two months, depending on patient's condition or success of the therapy.

Acne therapy can last for several months. Results are achieved gradually and with regularity and patience, results will surely become visible, which will affect your self-confidence and life quality.

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