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Already during mid-twenties, first wrinkles and tired look appear because the skin loses moisture, firmness, volume and elasticity. Ageing is most noticeable on skin around the eyes, but it doesn’t have to concern you because wrinkles can be removed rapidly and efficiently in one treatment. Blepharoplasty removes surplus skin from…

Rejuvenation Packages

If you feel younger than your reflection in the mirror, then rejuvenation packages are the solution with which you can visually turn back time. With a combination of facelifting and blepharoplasty, our surgeons will remove fatigue and worries from your face and restore its youthful glow and freshness. We have…

A Smile Because Of Smile

The package includes LIPLIFT + FILLER OF NASOLABIAL FOLD procedure Restore the beauty of your smile! Facial skin becomes loose with years and loses its tonus, while nasolabial folds which appeared due to smiling, become deeper and more noticeable. The lips reach their fullness in our thirties, after which they…

Package For Mothers

During pregnancy, you were carrying your baby and during that time you saw a wonderful transformation of your body, until your baby came into the world. Unfortunately, pregnancy and breast-feeding leave unwanted consequences regarding the appearance of your body after the childbirth. Many women cannot get rid of them not…
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