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b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_vladob.jpgDr. Vlado Bartoš was born in 1949 in Končanica, where he studied and finished basic school, to complete high school in Daruvar in 1968.   His studies of Medicine were in the Medicine Faculty of the University of Zagreb, where he graduated in 1973.
As general doctor he worked the years 1974 and '75 in Miokovićev (Previously Đulovac) and Daruvar.  During the years 1976 to '78 he worked as a resident of surgery in Pakrac Hospital and then started the radiology specialty in Bjelovar hospital and Vinogradska Hospital in Zagreb (1979-1982), graduating in the year 1982.   After, he worked as a radiologist in the Health Center of Daruvar from 1982 to 1991.
From the year 1991 works in the General Hospital of Bjelovar and from 1999 he is the head of the Radiology service, participating in the professional and educational activities developed in the hospital.
He has been mentor of several training residents in radiology and also President from the Croatian Medical Chamber, Bjelovar branch, between 1997 and 2001.

Currently Dr. Vlado Bartoš attends in Arcadia Clinic as a consultant, sharing his long experience in ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound with the patients of the clinic.

Postgraduate studies
Postgraduate study in Radiology in Medicine Faculty in Zagreb. 1981-82.
Postgraduate study in Medical Ultrasound in Medicine Faculty in Zagreb. 1990-92.


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