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Dr. Biljana BaščevanDr. Biljana Baščevan was born in 1978 in Zagreb. She finished high school in Daruvar and then completed studies in General Medicine in Zagreb, where she graduated in the year 2005. After her professional exam she started to work in Arcadia Clinic for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.
In the year 2007 assists to the course “Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal system” in Zagreb.
Currently she is a Board certified radiologist since 2014 and lives in Daruvar, married and mother of two girls.

Clinic:  Strma Ulica 16, HR - 43500 Daruvar, Hrvatska
Tel: 043 675 200     Fax: 043 675 214
Skype: poliklinika.arcadia
Offices: Daruvar - Zagreb - Varaždin


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