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Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a nose operation performed to correct or revise an unsatisfactory outcome from a previous rhinoplasty. There are two main reasons for performing secondary rhinoplasty.
Patients often seek secondary rhinoplasty to correct a cosmetic deformity of the nose. A nasal fracture may not have been reduced enough, or too much. A prominent or bulbous nasal tip may have not been addressed appropriately, or over-aggressively. The nose may look pinched; it may look like a parrot’s beak, or like a boxer’s nose.
There are many ways in which previous nose surgery may have left a nose aesthetically unappealing to a patient. The second reason is functional. The original nasal surgery may have been carried out to help with difficulties in breathing, and the outcome may have been unsatisfactory. Alternatively, the original surgery may have been performed for cosmetic reasons, but also may have disrupted a normal physiologic mechanism involving the inspiration or expiration of air, making it difficult to breathe.
Secondary rhinoplasty is technically challenging and many of the surgeries must be done with the open technique. This allows the surgeon to directly visualize the deformity. Advances in rhinoplasty techniques, such as stabilization of rib cartilage grafts and utilization of the open approach, allow now satisfactory results in secondary rhinoplasty that were not possible in the past.

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