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Early complications

  1. Bleeding after the tampons are removed: This is the most common complication observed, usually the bleeding is mild and stops in few minutes. In some cases a new tampon is placed again until the next day.
  2. Infection: This is uncommon, the nose has a very good blood supply that provides a strong immune defense against pathogens and also strict measures of sterilization and instrument handling are used in our clinic.

Late complications

  1. Unsatisfactory esthetic effect: Sometimes the result of the surgery is different from what the patient expected, and this usually happens when the new image does not fit the result obtained. To prevent this we discuss before the procedure the real results expected and also after the surgery we compare the changes before and after the surgery, so the patients can see the improvement of their appearance, leaving most of patients satisfied.
  2. Additional touch-up surgery
  3. Communication between the nostrils: This is a rare complication of surgery involving the perforation of the septum of the nose, inside it, requiring a corrective surgery to cover the small defect.


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