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Juvéderm is a newer hyaluronic acid containing gel from Allergan company,  used to treat lines and wrinkles, as well as increase and improve volume of different facial features.


The Juvéderm® ULTRA range of products mimics the hydrating and lifting effect of your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid (HA), which keeps the skin hydrated and elastic. It fills in and smooths away facial lines and acne scars, other skin contour deficiencies, and lost volume. The most appropriate lines to treat with the Juvéderm® ULTRA range of products are those that are described as static—this means the deep facial lines you can see when your face is still. Static lines are due to lack of elasticity of the skin caused by sun damage, smoking, and unfortunately genetics. Wrinkle-relaxing treatments work in a targeted way to relax the tiny muscles that cause frown lines, smoothing out wrinkles for 4 months or longer.

Juvéderm has the advantage of including in the gel the local anesthetic Lidocaine, lowering the chances of discomfort when applying it.




Juvéderm ULTRA 2: Erases moderate lines, specially those around the lips and corners of the eyes and those very close to the surface of the skin.












Juvéderm ULTRA 3: Smooths wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth (nasolabial lines) and around lips; it can be used very subtly to plump out lips in order to maintain a youthful smile.






Juvéderm ULTRA 4: Works on the most noticeable folds and lines, and improves the contour of the face.






Juvéderm VOLUMA: Is an injectable hyaluronic volumiser that re-contours the face to restore volume to chin, cheeks, and cheekbones that have become hollow or thin due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss. Immediately after treatment, you should notice that your facial contours appear fuller and rounder giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance.






Juvéderm HYDRATE: Offers deep hydration to give you smoother, firmer skin in areas that are often susceptible to sun damage and the signs of aging— the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. Hydration is fundamental to healthy skin tone and elasticity, and maintaining a natural, healthy glow. Creams can only temporarily moisturize the skin at the surface, but Juvéderm® HYDRATE can provide the deep, lasting hydration that will give you a natural, healthy glow.






Juvéderm ULTRA SMILE: Provides full, soft and natural looking lips and smooths fine lines around the mouth area







Duration of the treatment

The treatment with Juvederm, depending of the individual, lasts between 6 and 12 months.

















Combination Treatments

Dermal fillers can be combined with other treatments like Botox but this requires previous planning by the treating surgeon to obtain the best result possible.



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