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During the initial consultation the cosmetic surgeon will explain the course of the procedure and recovery to the patient. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the most comprehensive procedures in plastic surgery, for this reason the patient should be warned that the recovery takes longer than in the case of other procedures in plastic surgery.


For the cosmetic-reconstructive procedure of abdominoplasty the standard blood and urine tests are required: CBC; ESR, coagulogram, BGT, urea, creatinine; complete urine, ECG and a check-up by the internist. All the tests can also be done at Arcadia Polyclinic for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.


Admittance to Arcadia Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is arranged by phone in advance. It can be in the morning of the day of surgery or the evening before surgery. After the patient is accommodated in the room, medical history is taken; the place of incision is outlined, photographs must be taken, and examination by the specialist in anesthesiology performed.


The cosmetic-reconstructive procedure of abdominoplasty is most frequently performed under general anesthesia. The procedure may also be performed under regional anesthesia.

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