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Liposuction is not a classical surgical procedure and it requires special instruments to perform it. Before the procedure, parts of the body on which liposuction is to be performed should be precisely outlined. The procedure begins by meticulous surgical washing and covering the body with sterile compresses, through very small incisions liposuction fluid in injected in the fat tissue compartment. This is followed by tunneling, i.e. undermining of the fatty tissue, and its suction under negative pressure into separately graded transparent containers.

The suction is performed using thin perforated probes or cannulae through 0.4-0.5 cm incisions on the skin that are located in inconspicuous areas. The duration of the surgery depends on the number of zones to be treated by liposuction and the extent of the fatty tissue. On average, liposuction takes from 1 to 3 hours but can be longer if bigger areas need treatment.

At the end of the procedure the small holes on the skin are covered with sterile compresses. The patient is then dressed in a special elastic garment, which helps the skin to return to the desired position as soon as possible and it also puts pressure on the vessels to avoid postoperative bleeding and hematomas.

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