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Patients considering liposuction should be of normal or increased body weight but constant in the last months, without a sudden gain or loss, physically healthy and realistic in their expectations. Liposuction is recommended to patients up to the age of 45 if they have firm and elastic skin. Persons of older age, whose skin elasticity is reduced, must be warned that liposuction should be combined with another procedure, primarily with lifting (For tightening of the skin of the treated area).

Women most frequently undergo liposuction on the hips, thighs, knees and abdomen. Apart from these areas, liposuction is also performed on cheeks, double chin, upper arms, breasts, calves and knees.

In men, it is most frequently performed on the double chin, abdomen and waist, as well as on breasts (Gynecomastia), which sometimes can be completely resolved by liposuction or a surgical procedure is added removing the glandule under the areola.

Liposuction also may eliminate lipomas (benign tumors containing fatty tissue). The material obtained is sent to histopathologic analysis for study.
Poor candidates for this procedure are those patients with diabetes, circulatory, lung or cardiac disease.

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