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Adipose or fat tissue is a form of connective tissue that can be found in many parts of the body, under the skin, organs or around them. The main role of this tissue is to store energy in the form of fat, which accounts also for the excessive weight and change in body shape when being overweight.  The type of cell that contains fat is called adipocyte and participates in the energy metabolism releasing or capturing fatty acids that are converted to another form of fat called triglycerides inside them. It is important to notice that the total number of adipose cells is rather constant in adulthood, most of the new cells are born during childhood and adolescence and weight loss can diminish the size of the cells but not their amount.   After liposuction and body sculpture the cells and fat tissue that are taken out cannot regenerate again in the same place. This doesn’t mean that you can’t increase weight if you don’t follow a healthy diet, but the distribution of fat tissue will be different, more proportionate.

The fat tissue is located in compartments throughout the human body, liposuction act exclusively in the subcutaneous compartment, which also has a different composition depending in the anatomic area, for example, in the abdomen we can observe a superficial fat layer (Fascia of Camper), a middle fibrous layer and a deep fat layer (Fascia of Scarpa), instead, in the thighs there is only one thick layer of fat tissue. The arranging of adipose tissue changes in extremities, torso, neck and other regions and also has particular attachments to other structures as skin or membranes covering muscles or bone.

Sexual hormones have a very important influence in fat distribution, especially in adolescence, in women more fat is stored in the buttocks, thighs and hip and in men excessive fat tissue is more likely be stored in the belly.   The fat compartments have different properties in relation to how they behave under weight loss, after liposuction and other surgeries and that’s why this should be managed by an specialist with the proper knowledge on the field.

The final aspect after liposuction will depend in the form of suctioning the fat tissue, the type of instruments used and the expected scarring inside the fat tissue that will tighten the skin after some weeks.

The concept of liposculpture is to modify the shape and volume of these fat compartments to reach more pleasant esthetic lines, not all people have the same distribution and not always this will be esthetically nice, and this procedure can be of great help to achieve this objective.

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