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A breast augmentation surgery can be ambulatory, meaning that you can go back home the same day of the procedure, though we recommend to the patients to stay overnight to minimize any discomfort in the postoperative period, being assisted by our medicine technicians, nurses and doctors.

Once the patient is ready to start the surgery, in the room is given a mild sedative which helps to have a better and easier start of the procedure and then you are moved to the operating room.

The operation typically lasts between one and two hours under general or regional anesthesia, where the chosen breast implant is positioned and the different tissue layers are then closed, suturing the skin with intradermal technique where stitches don’t need to be removed and you don’t see them, only the incision line is noticed in the beginning (the suture material dissolves after a couple of weeks after the surgery).  A taping bandage is initially placed over the augmented breasts, which is replaced by a special elastic bra the next day.

The patient is waken up in operating room when finishing the procedure and moved to her room, where starts her recovery period. Postoperative pain generally is mild and if needed proper analgesics are given. Feeding is started few hours after and during this period the patient can be accompanied by a relative or friend in her room if wanted.
Discharge to home usually is in the next day, where all indications for care are explained and written in a discharge letter and the implant specifications (implant-passport).

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