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There are several surgical techniques for breast augmentation; currently the most popular and accepted include the placement of a breast implant made with bio-compatible materials. The implants are placed through a skin incision that can be located in different areas, such as the inframmamary fold (the skin crease under the breast), around the areola, in the axilla and even through the umbilicus. The technique of placement through each approach has different advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends in the surgeon’s recommendation as well as the patient’s characteristics, wishes and expected implant size, all of which is discussed previously during the clinical consultation with the plastic surgeon in Arcadia Clinic after the clinical examination and measurements taken.

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The mammary implant can be located directly under the gland, under the pectoralis muscle fascia or under the pectoralis muscle itself. The choice depends also in the recommendation of the surgeon, anatomic characteristics and patient’s wishes, for example, subpectoral implants (under the pectoralis muscle) tend to give a more natural look of the augmented breast; subglandular implants tend to show more increase in volume and a fuller upper pole of the breast and also are indicated in breasts that present certain degree of ptosis (with excessive skin and moderate “hanging” breasts).  You can also hear about dual plane technique, where the implant goes partially under the muscle, with a better projection of the lower pole of the breast.

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