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According to the patient age and medical antecedents different tests can be taken in our clinic such as hemogram (blood analysis), coagulation, metabolic and urine tests, electrocardiogram, breast ultrasound and internal medicine evaluation when needed. If you are a young patient without clinical history of diseases only the basic tests are taken with minimal discomfort for you.
Medication such as aspirin and analgesics must be avoided 2 weeks prior the surgery and smoking suspended 3 weeks before, as both things can interfere with coagulation and oxygen delivery to the manipulated tissues. If you are taking any medication or you are allergic to any medication, material or food please notice it to the surgeon and staff people when arriving to our clinic.

Admittance to Arcadia Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery should be arranged in advance by phone or e-mail. The patient can arrive early the same day or on the previous day of the surgery. After accommodating in the room, vital signs, tests and medical history and examination are taken, as well as anatomic measurements to confirm the choice of breast implant, and record photographs are taken if not available from before.

Clinic:  Strma Ulica 16, HR - 43500 Daruvar, Hrvatska
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