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A woman that is considering breast augmentation must be psychologically prepared for the change in her body shape, otherwise healthy and in good physical shape. In her first consultation with the certified plastic surgeon she must explain her wishes and expectations for the procedure and ask all the questions related to this that are in her mind. The surgeon, after considering the possibilities, physical examination and anatomical measurements will be able to discuss the best alternative for the patient related to the implant size and shape, incision placement and different details of the surgery. If required, the initial investigation will be complemented with breast ultrasound or mammography to discard any pathologic lesion and having a base image for future examinations.

Most patients wish to increase one cup size at least and during the consultation example breast implants are tried under the bra in front of a mirror to see the expected increase in volume. Usually in this stage a photographic record is taken to compare the change after the surgery and discussing with the patient other technical issues if needed. These records are kept in locked files only accessible to the treating surgeon.
The final implant selection is made according to anatomic measurements and the surgeon’s experience. Special cases of asymmetry and congenital conditions are discussed extensively with each patient, different alternatives and recommendations are tailored exclusively for every patient.

We understand the importance and sensitivity that mean for our patients a breast augmentation procedure and we give our best to achieve the maximal results in every case.

Dr. Bojan Ignatovski is a Plastic Surgeon member of the Croatian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with a long experience in Cosmetic Surgery. The consultation offices are located in Zagreb, Varazdin and Daruvar; and the surgical procedures are performed in Arcadia Clinic in Daruvar, Croatia.

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