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The variety of breast implants in the market is enormous, in Arcadia Clinic are used trademarks of the highest proven quality through scientific publishing and surgical experience.
In general, breast implants of the latest generation (5th at this moment) consist in a prosthesis composed of a shell made multi-layered elastomer filled with high cohesive silicone gel. This combination made them safe and resistant against rupture and silicon migration to adjacent tissues, maintaining a more natural feel at the palpation or touch and aspect of the implant.

There are different types of implants:

Filling: An implant can be filled with sterile saline liquid (physiologic solution) or with silicone gel. Usually gel gives a more natural sensation to palpation and it’s associated to less rippling of the shell after placement, but there are some patients that require an implant filled with saline solution due to their medical antecedents and necessities.

The silicone gel can have different degrees of cohesion or thickness which changes the dynamics of the implant and at the same time makes difficult the migration of the silicone through the shell.

A third type of implant is the expandable one, with a composed filling.  In our clinic we use a new series of breast expanders for cases of breast asymmetry (where one breast is larger than the other) and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. They already contain a certain amount of high cohesive gel and a second reservoir that can be expanded with saline solution after the surgery until achieving breast symmetry and adequate volume for the surgeon and the patient. This is required when the skin envelope of the breast is too tight in the beginning, needing a slower process of expansion.

Shell type: Can be smooth or textured. The textured implants have very small micropores on their external surface, which differ a little between trademarks. The choice of implant depends more on the surgeon taste and experience. Textured implants, especially with smaller micropores, appear to show a lower rate of capsular contraction after surgery.

Natrelle Round Implants (Allergan)Textured round implants, Mentor (R)Shape: Implants can be either round or anatomic. Round implants are named because their base is round and they can rotate freely in the pocket created during the surgery without changing the shape of the breast.   Sometimes they can give a more noticeable increase in volume, specially for the upper pole. This is recommended in some patients to obtain a nicer shaping.

Anatomic breast implants (Natrelle)

Anatomical or tear-shaped implants are bigger in the lower part and usually give a more natural look of the augmented breast with fullness of the lower pole. Because they have a specific shape the placement requires the creation of a custom made surgical pocket to avoid rotation.


Textured anatomic implants, Mentor (R)

Each manufactured implant in the market comes with a specific serial number and certificate (implant passport) that permits the follow up of the patient through time, so patients that underwent a breast augmentation surgery should keep the card in case of need. A second copy is always saved in our files in Arcadia Clinic.




There’s been a lot of discussion in this topic and also research has been done to prove safety in long term when having breast implants. The studies show that currently there is no relationship of implants with development of breast cancer or immunological diseases. Citing The American Cancer Association, “several studies have found that breast implants do not increase breast cancer risk, although silicone breast implants can cause scar tissue to form in the breast. Implants make it harder to see breast tissue on standard mammograms, but additional x-ray pictures called implant displacement views can be used to examine the breast tissue more completely.”

An update of the Los Angeles Augmentation Mammaplasty study by Dr. D. Deapen and collaborators in a follow up of 15 years in women with Breast Implants showed no increased risk of Breast Cancer in a big study group of patients.



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