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Congenital Breast Asymmetry: Normally, all women have some degree of difference between both breasts and this difference can be related to the volume as well as the level of nipple, areola and even the inframammary line (the skin fold under the breast). This situation is normal and does not require any treatment. When there is a clear asymmetry in the development between both breasts in the adult woman breast augmentation is a real alternative to solve this condition.
Breast asymmetry also can be part of Poland’s syndrome. Isolated, it can occur in three forms; the milder form of breast asymmetry (Type I) is considered a normal occurrence and does not require corrective surgery. The medium form of asymmetry (Type II) happens when one breast is smaller than the other by one third and cosmetic-corrective surgery is required. The severe form of breast asymmetry occurs when the difference in size exceeds 50% and when the larger breast is sagging (Type III). Poland’s Syndrome is a hereditary anomaly and it affects several organs on the same side of the body, like absence of pectoralis muscle or abnormalities of the arm, forearm and hand in the same side. In Poland’s Syndrome one breast is less developed and combined with one of the anomalies characteristic for this pathology.  The treatment of the breast abnormalities can include the placement of a breast implant and regularization of the areola and nipple trying to achieve the most symmetry as possible.

Pre-op, right breast hypoplasiaPost-op control with expandable breast implant








Expandable implants

















Tuberous Breasts: This is a condition of abnormal underdevelopment of breasts where also is observed and enlarged and puffy areola that gives the impression of having a ring around it. The cause is the presence of constrictive tissue under the skin near the areola, toward the base of the breast. Tuberous breast deformity is classified according to Von Heimburg from grades I to IV and the correction is surgical, including release of the constricted tissue in the breast, augmentation with a breast implant and reduction of the areola. For this surgery the incision approach usually is a periareolar incision.

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy:
There are different protocols and techniques for breast reconstruction after a surgery for breast cancer. When medical treatment is completed the patient has different options for reconstruction, in some cases it is possible the use of skin expanders to stretch the skin and after 4 to 6 months changing it for a breast implant. Cases for breast reconstruction are individually tailored to the patient’s characteristics and needs and specific program of treatment is planned.

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