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b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_cosmetics_brest-m.jpgBreasts have been a symbol of femininity throughout the history of humankind.  Specific aesthetic preferences can change during time and different places, but nicely shaped breasts with adequate volume will always be a sign of beauty.

Patients might want a breast augmentation for different reasons, such as feeling that her breasts have always been too small, uneven or asymmetric, wanting to regain size after lactation or losing an important amount of weight, or with abnormal breast development (i.e. Tuberous breasts) and also in cases of breast reconstruction after previous surgery.

In medical terms, breast augmentation is called augmentation mammoplasty, consists in the surgical augmentation of mammary volume through a breast implant, being one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures to be performed along rhinoplasty and liposculpture.  In the last years the popularity of breast implants has increased, with better outcomes and patient satisfaction due to improvement in surgical techniques and implant technology to achieve the patient’s desires.

The benefits of breast augmentation, after improvement of shape and size will be related to a better self-perception, with an enhancement of the body contour, balance and proportion.  In cases of breast asymmetry and reconstructive surgery, where the emotional and psychological factor is even more important, this procedure has proven to be of great help to maintain and increase self-esteem of the patient.
In the mentioned cases we recommend breast augmentation to patients over 18 years of age, when full growth of the breast tissue is already been reached and the patient will be fully cooperative with the procedures and follow up care.

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