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Arcadia Clinic for Plastic Surgery was established as the first cosmetic surgery clinic in Croatia. We already have more than 18 years of experience and successful work in the fields of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and two generations of surgeons working together, adding innovation to experience and safety, devoted to the highest quality of treatment and comfort for our patients.

Our clinic is located in a beautiful place in Daruvar, a cozy small town in a region of Slavonia (Croatia) with more than 2200 years of history since the settlement of Celt tribes and then Romans due to its famous thermal waters.    We are located in the edge of the Roman Woods, which has many trails for walking and admiring the nature and easy access to the town and thermal waters.

In the clinic also it’s present a team of different specialists, each one with the proper certification and training that includes Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Anesthesia and Pain Management, Radiology, Cardiology and Internal Medicine, making of the clinic a center with multiple services and where inter-specialty collaboration is possible obtaining the best outcomes for the patients.

With the team of doctors currently are working four qualified nurses that have special experience in Aesthetic and General Surgery that will take the best care of you during the consultation and surgical procedures.

The facilities available for patients are comfortable, including rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, flat screen television, wi-fi internet and meals for patients recovering overnight. When needed, transport from the Airport, Bus Station, Zagreb and other cities of Croatia is arranged with our driver in advance for your commodity.

Dr. Bojan Ignatovski, director of Arcadia Clinic and specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, warmly welcomes and invites you to visit us personally or through our new web page that will be in constant renewal adding the latest information of our treatments as well as News in Plastic Surgery and other procedures.

Clinic:  Strma Ulica 16, HR - 43500 Daruvar, Hrvatska
Tel: 043 675 200     Fax: 043 675 214
Skype: poliklinika.arcadia
Offices: Daruvar - Zagreb - Varaždin


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