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b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_pain_bol-v.jpgThe biologic function of the pain is the protection of the body from harmful situations and attention over dangerous changes happening.   Pain usually diminishes or stops with the healing of wounds and inflammation.   Unlike acute pain of physiologic origin, chronic pain that maintains beyond the normal length of a disease doesn't have any positive function and that's why this constitutes a special state of disease that prolongs more that 3-6 months.  Chronic pain not only is unpleasant but relates to biologic changes and damage.  Also has a strong impact in the mind state of the affected person, physical functions and social and economic situation.   The treatment of pain has a different approach in every patient and even when caused by the same reason the best management can be completely different for two patients. Our objective is to lessen the amount of pain and suffering improving at the same time life quality.
The most frequent motives of consultation in our out-patient clinic for pain are:

1.      Backpain
2.      Oncologic pain
3.      Chronic abdominal pain
4.      Musculo-skeletal pain
5.      Headache
6.      Neuropathic pain
7.      Pain related to osteoporosis
8.      Chronic postoperative pain

In the out-patient clinic for pain the patient is evaluated in his clinical history and with physical examination. According to this the possibilities of treatment are:

-        Medical therapy with standards of the World Health Organization
-        Therapeutic nerve block
-        Infiltration with a local anesthetic
-        Injection on the trigger points
-        Epidural analgesia
-        Nerve root block
-        Adjuvant therapies (acupuncture)


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