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b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_cosmetics_body5.jpgThis month, as part of our continuous updating as a clinic we assisted to the last European symposium in fat tissue transfer in Milano, Italy, with the last information and scientific research related to adipose tissue. This branch of the specialty is fully developed and with many applications that we already incorporated in our clinic, offering a all new range of opportunities for patients that before weren't available anywhere. Between them, to list some are:

Body sculpturing, that can be combined with liposuction giving the best results achievable, taking out the excess of fat tissue and adding it in the areas where it is needed creating and even more aesthetic result for the patient.


Applications of lipofilling:

- Breast augmentation without implants.
- Breast reconstruction after mastectomy in the proper cases
- Improving the breast contouring in patients with breast implants or in men with a flat chest.
- Buttocks augmentation with or without the combination of gel filled implants.
- Treatment of local areas of atrophy of the fat tissue restoring the normal contouring of the skin, like for example depressions under scars or after local trauma.
- Treatment of congenital changes in the amount of fat tissue.
- Treatment of finger contractures in the hand (Dupuytren's syndrome) without surgical scars

Applications also include several medical conditions but go far from the scope of plastic surgery but we are please to know that the area is in constant development and is offering new possibilities.

In summary, techniques of fat transfer include the harvesting of fat tissue from areas where it can be excessive or available, like around the umbilicus. Legs and buttocks, processing and application in those regions of the body where it is planned. Procedures are not painful and discomfort is minimized in every case.

In Arcadia Clinic new techniques are available to patients to achieve your expectations after adequate evaluation of your case and careful planning. We offer advantages like the highest standards in treatment, security in both the surgical procedure and anesthesia, and a very comfortable setting in our clinic in Daruvar, Croatia.

Every patient is an unique case and treated specifically to give you the best results possible treated by a team of professionals leaded by Dr. Bojan Ignatovski, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, and his team of plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, radiologists and staff nurses highly trained in cosmetic procedures.

Harvesting and processing of adipose (fat) tissue for lipofilling


Pre and postoperative pictures of a patient treated with liposuction plus lipofilling


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